Montauk Beach

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Foursquare Tips

  • Do a beach fire
  • Natural beauty
  • Don't litter
  • Make a bonfire late at night, but make sure you're far from the lifeguard stand or else beach patrol will be on your ass
  • Burying cigarette butts isn't the same as throwing them out.
  • Park on the street for free
  • Drive Old Montauk Highway late at night.
  • Home of the annual July 4th fireworks, sunny summer days, lined with hotels, campfires light the beach after 9pm, and people here are friendly vacationers. This is Montauk at its finest.
  • Pickup some lunch at Joni's (they know what they're doing) and enjoy on the beach...
  • #sideboob
  • Wear mad amounts of sun screen the sun is insanely hot
  • 2014 Montauk
  • Please set up your tents near the dunes, not near the water. You ruin the view.
  • Please clean up after yourself. I don't want to set my blanket up next to a pile of your trash.
  • its pretty and not crowded
  • Beautiful though tiny.
  • Beautiful, clean beach. Great for surfing or paddle boarding
  • Get here early and marvel at the sunrise!
  • great beach and lax open container. very lax
  • The lifeguards are spread out a good distance, if you plan on swimming a great deal consider setting up near one.