Mitsuwa Marketplace

Grocery Store, Supermarket, Gourmet
3760 S Centinela Ave (at Venice Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 398-2113



  • This is the most dangerous parking lot in LA. Drive in at your own risk'
  • Amazing food, great selection!
  • The best sushi for the price. Also a really great ramen and tempura place inside
  • Buy a 100ml carton of Moriyama Royal Milk Tea and drink it with your order at the food court :)
  • Great asian grocery. One of the few places that I've been to that sells sushi-grade fish so you can do it at home. Excellent Sake selection to boot! The Food Court, Bakery, and Bookstore are bonus.
  • Beef Bowl from Misasa. Money.
  • There's an official Bank of America ATM here so no need to pay the crazy Chase ATM fee.
  • Go to Santouka inside Mitsuwa. Order a ramen combo with pork rice. You now have a super-awesome lunch! + 1-UP
  • The cafeteria is the best place on the westside to grab quick Japanese lunch. Cash only though. The hipsters are starting to catch on however... Haha
  • Excellent Japanese Food Court for lunch or dinner. Great selection.
  • CA (Eat) This Japanese grocery store has the best selection of Japanese candy around and a delicious food court! Go Ramen Go!
  • Great store with great food, need another reason?!?
  • Beef Udon and a bowl of rice. Ramen set with pork rice. Don't miss the Roll Cakes adjacent to the Sake.
  • Great prices on sake!
  • Not in Santa Monica, but near enough to include on a Santa Monica list. Very interesting market featuring Asian specialty foods. Vegan-friendly for certain items. Prepared foods available.
  • Way to be racist Audrey. Very enlightened..
  • Santouka, order pork, or the beff soba right next to it. FTW. And you can watch the latest news from Japan while you devour their delish foods.
  • If you're looking for sushi grade seafood, this is the store for you! They also carry lots of sushi and sushi rolls, very inexpensive! Definitely worth coming here over a fancy smancy restaurant!
  • Always the best priced beer in LA - usually 60 cents a can for Sapporo and amazing sake deals.

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