Mill Mountain Park

Park, Playground
JP Fishburn Parkway (Mill Mountain)
Roanoke, VA


  • Great mountain biking and hiking within 5 minutes of downtown Roanoke. Be sure to visit the zoo ( and the Star Cam.
  • Great view of Roanoke from above.
  • Zoo + good view of the valley...
  • Run the Blue Ridge Marathon, the world's toughest road marathon. Here's the view from the course.
  • Great view of Roanoke, a zoo, and home to the Mill Mountain Star.
  • If you always wondered what the view from the star looks like, come visit... its amazing. Definitely my fave hideout
  • Its a good place to see the Roanoke Star up close, its a nice place for a cookout or picnic. Theres also the Mill Mountain Zoo next to it.

Nearby places

1900 Prospect Rd. SE
Roanoke, VA 24014
2000 J.B. Fishburn Parkway