Michael Berger Wins the Organic Trade Association’s Rising Star Award

From foodtank.com by Alyssa Bruns
Michael Berger Wins the Organic Trade Association’s Rising Star Award

Michael Berger, Founding Partner and VP of Supply Chain at Elevation Burger and Food Tank board member, has won the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) Rising Star Award. The award honors emerging leaders for their commitment and notable achievements that support the growth, sustainability, and success of organic agriculture and trade.

The OTA will celebrate Berger for his vision and innovation in creating a completely organic protein supply chain. After founding the Elevation Burger Restaurant group, Berger led the chain to become one of the largest organic beef supply programs in the United States and the largest for any restaurant group.

Berger first developed and implemented the organic grass-fed beef before expanding the company to include organic chicken and organic bacon. Both programs are the largest of any U.S. restaurant group as well. In the past five years, Berger has also helped to grow the company’s purchasing program from 30 to over 120 family farms.

Michael will be honored at OTA’s Annual Leadership Awards Celebration on August 16th, at the Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore, Maryland as a kick-off to Natural Products Expo East. OTA is a membership-based business association for organic agriculture in North America and is dedicated to promoting and leading the voice for organic agriculture in the United States. OTA has also awarded Thomas Harding, President of Lehigh Valley Organic Growers with the Growing the Organic Industry Award and Benny McLean, Production Manager of Uncle Matt’s Organic with the Farmer of the Year Award.

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