Row 1

11310 Beach Blvd (at Cortez)
Jacksonville, FL 32246
(904) 641-1999

Foursquare Tips

  • Some dork was coning here. Idk if he was trying to be cool. God bless this generation
  • People are so rude!!!
  • If you come twice within a couple of hours the drive thru boy doesn't make fun of you. Nice workers. I like this mcdonalds.
  • French Fries are always fresh.
  • Slow at the drive thru @ 5:00 am. 15 min wait.
  • The frozen strawberry lemonade is great. I get extra ice blended into mine!
  • $1 any size drink. That's Based.
  • Very good service. Actually confirmed the order at the window and super nice, especially for 1 am.
  • Had a Big Mac tonight after a awesome night at Aqua. They ran a $1 Big Mac special till 4am. =]Gotta love a good deal like that!
  • Seriously, try a McGangbang. McDouble, McChicken. Open the double betwixt the patties, insert chicken, close and enjoy.
  • $1 any size drink! They should do this with fries too..
  • Good coffee. You can tell them exact amounts of sugar/cream to add. Everything else is just gross