Market Café

$ $
台北市, 111
+886 2 2831 2729


  • $399 10 oz Prime Angus Steak on Mondays and Tuesdays yummm!!!! Wednesday is Chili Crab Day, whole 600 gram live Green Crab for just $499, wow amazing!!!! Great Salad Bar too!
  • When having the steak, order it 'medium rare' for the best taste. Never go for the 'Well done' because it will be severed way too dry.
  • Can't miss the Mondays and Tuesdays steak special!
  • $438 10oz Australian grain-fed steak on Monday and Tuesday! Go for it, you won't regret it.
  • Awesome salad bar where a chef will mix the salad to your liking
  • MARKET CAF 499MARKET CAF29~331NT$499
  • Ice cream is not bad, just that they only give 1.5hrs for afternoon tea is bit rush, they said free wifi, but it's not working at all!