The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Theme Park
Critter Country (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802


  • after the heffalump room look back to see some heads left on the wall from the country bear jamboree
  • Whoever design the dream part of this ride was high.
  • After the heffelump scene look backwards to see a reference to The Country Bear Jamboree which was demolished in order to build this ride.
  • Hardly ever a wait for this ride!
  • Look for the moose heads!! When Winnie is stuck in the hunny! Acid trip ride ^.^
  • Scary. Love Honey
  • Little to no waiting and a great AC. Great for hot days and a chance to rest your feet.
  • Probably the tripiest ride in Disneyland!
  • Overlooked ride. Worth checking out.
  • The ride facilitator, Kourtney, (aka the Kunt of the pooh rIde) has a MAJOR attitude problem. Check your attitude, BIAAATCH.
  • The cookies on the plate = two hidden Mickeys.
  • I have to say it is sad that country bear jamboree was replaced by this ride.
  • Take your acid AFTER this ride. Holy shit!
  • Make sure you pull down on the honey bar
  • Check out the pink Tigger
  • Anyone ever notice the mutated elephant bee?
  • Take a peek upwards after the dream sequence to see the old talking heads from Country Bear Jamboree
  • Super cute. And a little trippy. Piglet put some LSD in Pooh's hunny.
  • Cool ride. If you like the old school rides like, Peter Pan, Mr. Toads, Alice, then this will make you happy with a contemporary flare!

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