Majestic Bay Theatres

Movie Theater, Cineplex
2044 NW Market St (at 22nd Ave. NW)
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 781-2229


  • No ads, straight to previews. Best theatre in town!
  • In theater 3 there is only one way to access seats in each row. Best to get drinks and hit the bathroom before you sit down.
  • The Majestic Bay, which really is an exceptionally cool movie theater, just celebrated a birthday. If you've never been to this theater, you should make a visit, it's worth a trip.
  • 3rd floor theater is the smallest movie theater screen I've seen. My LED tv might be larger. LOL!
  • Have a cupcake and coffee next door before your movie
  • Watch a movie
  • I would recommend seeing a movie if you come here!
  • Cool theater!
  • A very cool, historic theater. The walls have lots of old posters commemorating the Seattle theater scene. Worth catching a movie here for the history alone
  • Ballard just wouldn't be complete without its own sticky little theater. Good prices, and close to fantastic food and drinks. Parking though? Forget about it.
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  • Only thing missing is the beer/table service that someone like the Alamo Drafthouse brings...but other than that, a great indie theatre.
  • Great theater. Paul Allen outdid himself with this gem. Comfortable, roomy, friendly staff. Smaller screens upstairs, but still enjoyable.
  • Great neighborhood theater. Arrive a bit parking in the commercial area
  • Chairs are soooooo uncomfortable!
  • Pepsi on tap here. This place rules!
  • Air conditioning is wildly abused in movie theaters. Bring a sweater
  • Get the popcorn! Yes, the popcorn! It's real and they use real butter. None of that fake yellow chemical crud.
  • Theater #3 is so small!
  • They only serve Pepsi here. Big fat FAIL in my book.

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