Madras Lane Food Stalls

Row 1

Jalan Tun HS Lee (Petaling Street)
Kuala Lumpur, KL 50000

Foursquare Tips

  • Any frequent eaters here will know that this place's territorial, which kinda makes seating here a bitch.
  • The laksa is.worth the travel.down to.KL
  • Delicious Curry Mee!
  • Chee cheong fun, asam laksa and curry mee.
  • The first stall asam laksa has a dead winged ant inside!Disgusting!unhygienic.only ordered coz forced to coz sat at his territory while ordering ytf
  • Curry Stalls owner is so rude to chase me away for wrong seating
  • The hidden treasure in KL! Laksa, chee cheong fun, yong tau fu, cendol, abc...
  • Needless to say, curry laksa is a must. Lots of condiments in the bowl. Worth every penny.
  • The price of the foods and drinks here are kinda exorbitant... You don't even have a proper stall and sitting area yet they have the cheek to charge RM2 for their 'teh ais'!
  • Asam Laksa is very good.
  • Best curry laksa in town! A real benchmark!
  • Chee cheong fun pedas...the best
  • The yong tau fu is awesome
  • Curry mee is bomb
  • Stall owners will show you black faces if u sitting at wrong table
  • Chee Cheong Fun
  • The first stall curry noodles n Asam Laksa are the best!!!
  • Best curry noodles and yong tau fu are the middle stalls!
  • the Yong Tau Foo stall here rocks..