lululemon athletica | SSC

Row 1

1818 Cornwall Ave (at Cypress St)
Vancouver, BC V6J 1C7
(604) 732-6124

Foursquare Tips

  • My tip? Apply for a job and come work here! Free yoga at work, city views, and you can come to work in stretchy pants.
  • We just got a couch in ecommerce. Feeling tired? Come by for a nap.
  • Meet Chewy the 2nd floor office dog.
  • Find the social media team and check out the live twitter and Instagram feeds! #thesweatlife
  • The people here smile a lot.
  • Pop into one of the meeting rooms on the 4th floor (facing North or North West) and soak in beautiful views of the mountains, the water, and the city. #ommmmm
  • Once you nab a couch, don't let it go. This is the hottest room in the house.
  • Breathtaking views of the city, mountains and water. The best room to book for BIG meetings.
  • Try the Cappuccino. It's brewed to perfection everytime.
  • The hot chocolate is good and possibly non-dairy!
  • Come up to the second floor & visit the Online Community Pod. We have a snack drawer & all the top secret Spring 2010 samples. Come play dress-up. If you're lucky we'll even do an ecomm photoshoot.
  • Lots of work
  • Swing by my desk if you wanna talk about football (the American kind).
  • All drinks except the cappuccino and latte are dairy free!
  • The milk based drinks are quite good!
  • Be sure to visit the "snack fridge" located just outside the SBR. What better way to get a little extra afternoon energy than digging in to a sour key or three?
  • If u have to fart, don't. You're in an elevator!
  • Ask Shirley who the mayor is, she loves that!
  • Come by to the community area and visit the creative team! We can show you some kick ass artwork and even give you something to decorate your workspace!
  • Go high five I.T. on the first floor. We have fun apps for your blackberry. Shirley may even teach you how to take wicked jumping photos.