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It made lots of sense in 2010 when French chef Ludo Lefebvre launched a mobile kitchen with no permanent location other than the road. After all, this beloved chef with 13 years of training at three-Michelin-starred restaurants has made his reputation with LudoBites, a pop-up restaurant of sorts, which has still managed to garner recurring accolades from the likes of none other than Jonathan Gold (now with the Los Angeles Times) who named dishes prepared by Lefebvre as a Top 10 Dish of the year from 2007 through 2010 for LA Weekly.


The LudoTruck serves Lefebvre’s famous fried chicken. Buttermilk chicken, honey garlic-glazed wings, crispy breast strips, and the crispy chicken sandwich can be dressed with honey mustard, béarnaise, spicy mayo, and ranch dressing (ranch dressing made by a French chef, oh yeah, get you some of that), and eaten with slaw, fries, or a honey lavender biscuit. — Arthur Bovino, 11/13/2012


TWITTER: @LudoTruck


  • Featured in LA Weekly's 99 Essential Restaurants!
  • Try the Provence Chicken Balls
  • LA Weekly's '10 Best Dishes of 2010' - Poached Egg, with Rice Veloute and Christmas Oil!
  • Come to sample Ludo Bites and others at this years Gold Standard on 3/6/11!
  • Parking on the street after 6p is free, as are the yellow loading zone spots directly in front of the restaurant.
  • Locate the truck by checking Twitter, @ludotruck, or Facebook. LudoTruck only serves chicken. Tony Bourdain tried chicken balls, biscuits baked with honey and lavender.
  • They carry Intelligentsia coffee!!!!!! :)
  • Amazing honey garlic chicken wings!!
  • The lavender honey biscuits are to die for
  • The chicken balls were too overcooked and charred. The coleslaw was too salty. Not a fan.
  • It's all about the barnaise sauce!
  • Order the hamachi!
  • Fried Chicken
  • Try the chicken strips with the spicy mayo. Yummy.
  • Tell me you wouldn't eat this fried chicken everyday if you could! The honey and lavender biscuit isn't too shabby either. Who knew the French could nail southern style cooking
  • I know I've said this before, but the Honey Glazed Garlic Wings are the bomb!
  • Try the Honey-Glazed Garlic Wings - w/Perfect Fries & Ludo Slaw - Bursting with flavor!!!
  • One of the best experiences ever! Go with a good hunger and order the full menu. My hamachi with jicama and a jalapeno reduction extraordinary. Real value for your money
  • Some of the best fried chicken and fries I've ever had. Great breading and seasoning.
  • Caviar panna cotta w caramel sounds weird, but tastes sooo good; the salty-sweet combo with just a tinge of fishiness makes it very interesting!