Low Brow Lounge

Dive Bar, Bar
1036 NW Hoyt St (at NW 10th Ave)
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 226-0200

Low Brow Lounge is located right in the middle of the Pearl District. Stop by for a reasonably priced drink and admire the lighted recessed heads of Elvis. 



  • Tots!
  • The lone dive hold-out in The Pearl. It's hard to say if it's great in comparison to the other bars in the area or just great, but we're glad Low Brow is there.
  • Sing 90's songs and steal shit.
  • happy hour pbrs are a buck fitty
  • On the outer rim of the Pearl/Slabtown is The Low Brow Lounge. You guys remember the 90's? So does the Low Brow. Commiserate.
  • Chad is weird
  • The Long Island is goooood
  • Why change a thing? Its been an awesome place & itll remain awesome.
  • try a drink
  • Locals say this is the last dive bar in the Pearl
  • Sit on he non-bar side if you want to actually hear each other. Great snacks. Most amazing is staff will come check in you AND bring you drinks. Even on a Saturday.
  • perfect dive bar
  • Pinball. Intimate.
  • Beer and scenery
  • Rude, obnoxious bartender. You're soaking in fried tots smell. Cheap but not cheap enough for putting up with the moustachio bartender
  • Incredible charm at this Pearl dive where you may walk in alone but leave with a new hipster, prep or truck driver date. Who knows!? Go have fun and play some big buck hunter
  • Cheap booze, tots, and pinball games. You can usually find a quiet corner on the game side of the bar.
  • Happy hour Pabst is less than $2....
  • BEWARE: Swiping cards has a minimum charge of $10 :)
  • Drink: Trash (shot of Old Crow and a Miller High Life) // Do: Buck Hunter

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