A Look inside the new Brannon’s Pub & Brewery in Beaverton

A Look inside the new Brannon’s Pub & Brewery in Beaverton

Brannon's Pub & Brewery logoThere is a new brewery in the under-served suburbs of Beaverton, Oregon called Brannon’s Pub & Brewery and it’s the cities only brewery at that. Founded by Kevin Brannon a longtime lawyer and previous CEO of Fredrick Brewing Co. in Fredrick, Maryland the Brannon’s Brewery is a full service restaurant and large brewpub with family friendly and private banquet room space.

Taking over a centrally located restaurant space on 3800 SW Cedar Hills conveniently located right by the Beaverton MAX Station the Brannon’s Brewery has previously been the home of a Latin nightclub and an Angus Steakhouse. Now they have a 10bbl brewery, 20+ High-Def TV’s, family friendly game room and a private room perfect for company meetings or other private parties.


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In the brewery Head Brewer Devin Benware holds down operations with an opening six beer taplist packed with American and German-style brewpub staples. Devin Benware is yet another Vermont native in the Portland beer scene (there are a ton of them in the industry) and he previously held down a brewing gig at Old Market Pub with Tomas Sluiter who is not coincidentally the consultant behind Brannon’s Brewery operations (and also soon to open his own Culmination Brewing). Along with homebrewer/assistant Luc Goovaerts, Devin is focusing on their initial nine house beers, six of which are on tap now with the Porter and ESB out in about one week and the Saison in about a month. You can try any of the beers only at Brannon’s for now and likely only at the bar (which also features a full liquor license) as they dont plan to distribute except for an odd festival or two.


Brannon’s features a substantial restaurant operation with a large menu, the mostly open kitchen in the back showcases a rotisserie and pizza oven. Though primary owner and namesake Kevin Brannon is of retirement age he has hired a staff that skews quite young in the key positions, for instance their Head Chef Sean Beanblossom (who’s tall and wiry frame lives up to his name) is only 22 and Head Brewer Devin Benware is likely the youngest Head Brewer in the state at just 26. Chef Sean Beanblossom got the job from his experience with Rose’s Restaurant Supply and running a restaurant in North Bellingham, Washington. The Brannon’s Brewery food is pretty all American grub but distances itself a bit from fried food to a little bit more wholesome hearty items. I sampled everything from cheese and charcuterie to chicken wings, ribs, sliders or the two dishes they seem to already becoming known for – Macaroni and Cheese Balls and Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza.


Though Mr. Brannon may describe the brewpub as a “Steampunk-style” and family friendly restaurant and bar the 20+ widescreen TV’s occupying seemingly everywhere may make you think otherwise. While the Brannon’s logo and some fun metalworking design elements of floating cogs and gears handcrafted by an investor and local metalworker do add a touch of character and steampunk vibe the overall open and brightly painted and tv filled decor dominates.

The television and mini multimedia stations might be the best and worst part about the pub depending on what your looking for. All of the half a dozen or so flat screens that circle around the bar area have their own digital tablets connected by cable that allow you to control your television. On the tablet is a selection of all the digital and cable channels from local providers that you can possibly get so that you can watch whatever you wish at your own table and even control the volume. Even more geeky each station has an HDMI input for you to plug in your laptop or other device to stream hi-def video so you have your own little multimedia station or office. I can see the bar being a great destination for business meetings or just catching games with your friends.


With tons of seating options, even a 21+ back game room with pop-a-shot hoops, foosball and league certified dart boards and all the tv’s, private rooms and extensive menu of food and beers I think Brannon’s Brewery & Pub will have no trouble becoming a destination spot in Beaverton, Oregon.


Brannon’s Pub & Brewery

3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. Beaverton, OR


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