Lloyd Center

Mall, Food Court
2201 Lloyd Ctr (btwn NE 12th and NE 16th)
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 282-2511


  • Beware when walking the mall. Some of the center island people are like carnies. Don't make EYE CONTACT.
  • avoid the cricket mobile sales guys at all costs. I'm pretty sure they are vampires.
  • If someone at a kiosk offers to give you a "stress test" it's really just the Scientologists. Have seen way too many clueless people get roped into this. Don't get Cruise'd!
  • If you need any assistance ask a Security Officer.
  • Too many kids who think they have "swag" roaming around and getting in your way. Good place to people watch.
  • Check out the Suncoast here. It's like stepping back into the late 90s!
  • This place is a filthy depressing dump. Avoid at all costs.
  • Go to Pioneer Place downtown... You can skip Lloyd Center.
  • Sarku Japan. Best teriyaki chicken hands down. They make it fresh to order also. Great prices for what you get!
  • Watch out for the gold buyer people. They REALLY want you to take their pamphlet.
  • Con una bella pista di pattinaggio...inside
  • Located in Lloyd Center, on the first floor near Nordstrom. www.Facebook.com/Yoyumba
  • Cheese on a stick from hot dog on a stick is where its at
  • Fish and chips place and steak escape are now closed. Ghetto
  • They have an arcade on the top floor, can't complain! :)
  • Somehow I made it out of here alive.
  • Ace's Famous Fish & Chips are as good as advertised. Be sure to visit Jada, the pretty lady at the counter. She will tell you all about it.
  • Wear at least level IIA body armor when shopping/visiting here
  • Visit the ice skating rink, rent some skates and have fun. Also, ponder Tanya Harding (she trained here) and what her story means about economic class, sport and spectacle.
  • What happened to the lloyd center? Half the stores are closed!

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