Little Vincent's Pizza

329 New York Ave (Main St)
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 423-9620

“It happened back in ’86 or ’87,” said Little Vincent’s manager, Daniel Rossi. “Some college kids started to ask for it and then it exploded from there.”

Ever since, on any Friday or Saturday night after midnight, Little Vincent’s has sold a lot of Cold Cheese slices, The cold shredded cheese used to top the slice is the same one used in its construction. The added cost is the same as Little Vincent’s other pizza toppings, $1.50 more (25¢ more than their $1.25 plain slice). But at $2.75, the Cold Cheese Slice costs about the same as most slices in New York City. It is a practice brought to Huntington by college students returning home to Long Island from school in Oneonta in upstate New York.

You 're already calculating culinary equations: Hot Slice + Cold Cheese = X. In this case, X isn’t a constant. Cold cheese allows for added  effects and benefits. First, more is better. Second, oil usually removed by holding your slice tip-down, disappears — absorbed. Third, the introduction of cold cheese to the residual heat of a piping hot slice creates taste and texture nuances. There isn’t enough heat in even the freshest slice to melt all the extra cheese. But it does introduce three cheese stages to the eating experience: melted, beginning to melt, and cold cheese.

It doesn't take much to become a convert. — Arthur Bovino, 10/26/2010



  • Well its cold cheese time tonight
  • I have a hard time explaning the concept of cold cheese pizza to people not from LI.
  • Pizza is best in the town. Make sure you bring cash.
  • Cold cheese slice.
  • #1 on long island
  • Definitely try the cold cheese pizza! It's great!!
  • Best pizza on Long Island. Open til 2am weekdays. 4am weekends.
  • get a cold cheese slice
  • The pizza is good, but the overnight guys blow.
  • Worst pizza money can buy. If you have any options at all, eat elsewhere. Unless it's 2AM and you're drunk, in which case even the box will seem tasty. Cold cheese? Get lost. Give me pepperoni.
  • Gotta love the cold cheese pizza! Always a great thing to get when I come back to Huntington.
  • Crazy good pizza. The crisp, hot, and tasty slices remind me of my favorite pizza joint growing up in Brooklyn.
  • Garlic and extra sauce on the top!
  • Cold cheese obvs!
  • good pizza good friends gotta get that cold cheese
  • Do I even need to say it? Yes! COLD CHEESE FTW!
  • Three words: cold cheese pizza.
  • Cold cheese slice!
  • cold cheese!!!! holy shit it's good!
  • Cheese Cold Cheese

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