Life as a Culinary Student: Working as a Team

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Life as a Culinary Student: Working as a Team


By Lana Schwartz—Student, School of Culinary Arts and Culinary Management


Cooking, like all art forms, is a subjective medium. Just as fine artists or musicians have different styles, ask any group of professional cooks, and you’re sure to find varying perspectives on what makes food “good.”

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It would be nearly impossible to find a restaurant kitchen where all the chefs hail from the same place, hold the same beliefs or boast the same level of culinary experience—and the same holds true in a culinary school. In my classroom alone, there is a 10-year age difference between the oldest and youngest students. Some of us have prior kitchen experience while others have none. In short, the unifying ingredient in any kitchen is, of course, the love of food and cooking.


Read on to learn how diverse teams come together in the kitchen.