Lick Ice Creams

Ice Cream
1100 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 363-5622
12:30pm - 10:00pm
12:30pm - 10:00pm
12:30pm - 10:00pm
12:30pm - 10:00pm
12:30pm - 11:30pm
12:30pm - 11:30pm
12:30pm - 10:00pm


  • Lick not only sources milk, cream, and eggs locally but also the fruits, vegetables, and herbs used to create their distinctive flavors, including Caramel Salt Lick and Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint.
  • Apologies to Amy's, but Lick has officially taken the 'Best Ice Cream in Town' title.
  • Coconut+peanut butter+ chocolate swirl & avocado coconut! Delicious.
  • Come here for the "Breakfast Bacon" flavor of frozen delicious Ice Cream: Smoked applewood pig-strips, backstrap molasses, and brown sugar.
  • Caramel salt lick is out of this world!
  • Try the Goat Cheese and Thyme flavor. Sounds crazy but it's delicious.
  • The flavor combinations are so unique and amazing...each ingredient can be identified so clearly...amazing!!!
  • best waffle cone I've ever haddddd!
  • Waffle cone is worth it.
  • Flavors ranging from "Roasted Beets and Fresh Mint" to "Caramelized Carrots and Tarragon" to more familiar flavors like "Caramel Salt Lick."
  • Lots of glutenfree options! Plus you can pick up a box of Delysia Chocolatier Truffles to go with your ice cream!
  • The honey goat cheese ice cream is life changing. Also the salted dark chocolate. My favorite ice cream spot.
  • Best known for savory scoops like roasted beets with fresh mint, cilantro lime, and goat cheese, thyme, and honey, the outfit also has tamer flavors, like the latte-like Texas au lait.
  • Goat cheese as an ice cream ingredient. Epicurean brilliance.
  • Omg the unique flavors are awesome and the texture delightful :) one of my faves is marigold blueberry!
  • Hill country honey vanilla bean is the way to go ! this is the best place to grab ice cream in all of Austin !
  • coconut peanut butter chocolate swirl!! unbelievable
  • Goat cheese, thyme, and honey ice cream. So creamy and delicious!
  • Orange chocolate is amazing
  • Friendliest service ever!

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