Left Bank Books

399 N Euclid Ave (at McPherson Ave)
St Louis, MO 63108
(314) 367-6731


  • Used books are downstairs!
  • Great independent book store.... on a great corner-
  • Thanks Left Bank, for the harder to find Vonneguts...
  • This is a great bookshop. My child loves story time on Saturday mornings. They also have adult historical fiction books for anyone in to that. The only problem is they seriously need to vacuum more!
  • Winner of Best Local Bookstore in ALIVE's 2013 Hot List!
  • Left Bank Books has a history of political and social activism in the St. Louis community. For more info check out this C-SPAN video.
  • RFt 2012 Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Book Store (Chain)Left Bank proves that consistency does not necessarily have to mean corporate or soul-less. http://bit.ly/X1pril
  • 2011 RFT Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Book Store.A store committed to helping others- a customer loyalty program/fundraiser!
  • large inventory of used books - well organized by category.
  • They have a store cat!
  • Great local independent book store! Unique, clean, and friendly... with a cat named Spike to keep you company while you look around! My new favourite book store. New & Used!
  • Excellent staff picks
  • Excellent nonfiction curation
  • Check out the sales in the basement, and say hello to the black cat roaming around!
  • In an age where bookstores are endangered, Left Bank Books feels all the more vital. Shop local!
  • Nice local bookstore. They have nice fiction books collection. And also they sell used books if u don't wanna pay much:)
  • The staff is so friendly & helpful and the selection is to die for. Love this bookstore!
  • A really amazing bookstore
  • Story time and the basement full of great books, is all I need
  • Happy employees, great selection, and a friendly cat!

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