L'Avenue (尚嘉中心)

Mall, Business Center
99 Xianxia Rd | 仙霞路99号 (Zunyi Rd | 遵义路)
Changning, 上海市 200051


  • This has all the biggest brands in the world under one roof
  • Nice department . Free wifi whole building. In Hongqiao economic development zone, so many Japanese style restaurant
  • high end mall with not many people
  • Be careful if you go down to B2, theres like 5 escalators going down but only 1 going up! Youll spend like 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get out of here!
  • If you ever wondered how L'Avenue got that unique, some say 'ugly Arctic Boot' design, this is the secret. A really lot of round tiles broken up with small pillars of square ones.
  • These are ridiculously expensive stores like Gucci, Fendi, etc... but the mall is great for restaurants. You can always get a seat at all the normal places like Din Tai Fung, Simply Thai, etc...
  • the best of the best brands under one roof!!
  • Parking lot is not well desired. Some Cashier from the super market on B2 has bad attitude.
  • Gap store :)
  • Croque monsieur is definitely too creamy and fatty.
  • Terrazza Di Capri: After I asked to add more mozarela (it was too little first time), i got my mozarela pasta. Disapointing expirience.

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99 Xianxia Rd | 仙霞路99号 (B2/F L'Avenue | 尚嘉中心), Xiānxiá
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