Food Truck, Malay
Pengkalan Weld
Georgetown, Pulau Pinang 10300


  • Best laksa!
  • great BBQ and laksa
  • Raining. ...closed. ... :(
  • very nice with lots of fish meat inside !
  • Orgio? And good assam laksa too.
  • Very nice laksa with Okio!! The laksa has been operate throughout 3generation dy.
  • love Laksa
  • Not open for dinner
  • Best laksa! My all time favourite.
  • It's not the very sour & spicy kind of laksa. The soup is thick & "gao" for me. Different people have different demand on laksa. But yea this is the kind that I like! <3
  • Double thumbs up
  • Izzit same wit Gat lebuh ahceh laksa?

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