Lafayette Square Park

Row 1

1601 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20502

Foursquare Tips

  • On NE corner is bronze statue of Brigadier General Thaddeus Kosciuszko. 10' bronze monument cast 1908-1910. Sculptor Antoni Popiel was actually placed 2nd in competition. Full statue history via<LINK>
  • Check out the statues located at the 4 corners honoring European born heroes of the American Revolution: Marquis de Lafayette, Comte de Rochambeau, Tadeusz Kociuszko, and the Baron von Steuben.
  • 7-acre park also referred to as Presidents Park. This land was originally farmland and belonged to a family named Pierce that originated from Charles County, Maryland. Full park history via<LINK>
  • On NW corner of Square is a statue of Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. He authored book titled the Revolutionary War Drill Manual used by all soldiers in war. Full statue history via<LINK>
  • Lafayette Square Park is known as the most haunted site in Washington, DC. Take a two hour walking ghost tour and learn about the spirits of the Capital
  • The squirrels in Lafayette Square Park are insane. Watch out, they will stalk you.
  • The park was redesigned by Andrew Jackson Downing in 1851-52. The statue of Andrew Jackson was erected in the center of the park in 1853, but Jacksons design was not completed until 1872.
  • Great spot for your lunch break - bring some extra bread to feed the ducks in the fountain.
  • The squirrels here are super friendly and almost tame. Clucking at them will bring 'em over to say hello (and inspect you for food).
  • Beautiful statues and sculptures with historical context provided. People were walking around or laying down on their breaks. It was a nice, social area to walk through.
  • An amazingly historical piece of land with great view of the WH front door.
  • Love this garden. Cool place in the front of the white house
  • Tranquil park across the street from the white house.
  • On the corners there are 4 important foreign figures that had great impact during the American Revolution. Sculpture of the 7th President of the US Andrew Jackson is placed in the center.
  • Sorry guys, no congressmen or other political leaders will be speaking to each other in hushed voices here. TV and movies have lied
  • Plenty of tame squirrels if that's your thing
  • Good views of the White House and Washington Monument
  • What's not to like? Feel super safe with all of the secret service police and it's great to walk or run through at night
  • Hang out regularly and you're bound to see the Secret Service tackle someone. #GoodTimes
  • Join the crowds over on the White House sidelooks nice at night