The Lady Behind The Lens: Libby Volgyes of Libby Vision

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The Lady Behind The Lens: Libby Volgyes of Libby Vision

There are a handful of people you meet and instantly know they will be your friend forever. Such is the case with Libby Volgyes –  animal lover, foodie and the pretty lady behind the lens at Libby Vision.

When I took a job at The Palm Beach Post in the Fall of 2008 I was new in town and didn’t know anyone. I had never worked in a newsroom before and quickly found out this group of creative, hardworking people rarely came out of their office or cubicle. You’d catch glimpses of the team during the obligatory retirement gathering or someones birthday. Just as quickly as the cake was cut they’d shuffle along to their desk to wrap up an assignment I’m sure.

Libby Volgyes of Libby Vision

It’s not that they weren’t friendly, on the contrary I have developed wonderful friendships with many of the people I worked with, I think it’s just the nature of the business or perhaps they were warming up to the idea of me.

Libby and I worked together and when I became a web producer for the paper’s entertainment section it was her photos I was mostly working with.  As far as the background and personality department we are complete opposites. She grew up in Nebraska and has traveled pretty much everywhere, her happy place is on a farm snapping photos and feeding baby goats  {fun fact: Libby is usually rocking some kick-ass cowboy boots + and impressive manicure on her shoots}.

Who would think a sarcastic Brooklynite would warm up to such a ray of sunshine?! Her smile and warm nature is infectious and I can’t imagine anyone meeting her and not wanting to instantly be her friend.


Maternity/Family Photo-shoot in Juno Beach – Photo by Libby Volgyes.



When I was about 8 months pregnant with Sienna I reached out to some of the photographers to see if they’d be interested in doing a maternity/family shoot for me. Libby quickly replied yes to my email and alas a friendship was born.

I hate having my photo taken. I know that’s odd for a blogger but it feels so unnatural for me. As I waddled at Juno Beach feeling anxious and uncomfortable she put down her camera, smiled and told me not to worry that I  looked beautiful and the photos would come out perfect – I swear I wanted to cry right then and there.

The photos did come out perfect and she captured exactly what I had envisioned. I hired her again when Sienna turned one for a sibling shoot {again the photo-shoot was magical!}.

Lifestyle photo shoot with Libby Volgyes of Libby Vision

Sibling photo-shoot in Palm Beach.



We work great together,  I often have a very clear vision {which would probably drive any other photographer insane} of what I’d like the end result to be and she executes it perfectly.  I’m so self conscious during a photo shoot and tell her about 100 times, “If I look stupid or make a dumb face just yell at me” – to her credit she never yells just reassures me every step of the way.  She understands my type of crazy, but most importantly she has captured some of the most special moments with my family and I’m forever grateful.

When Libby decided to go on her own and start a food photography business I was thrilled. During her food shoots at the paper she was her happiest and it made perfect sense.

Her food photography is like a love story. Libby magically captures the personality of the ingredient {yes food has personality just check out this dancing corn right here}. You can feel her passion within each photo and its a thing of beauty.

Society loves to pin woman against each other as if we are unable to support one another. Since starting Cupcakes, Cocktails & Kids and my design/marketing company I’ve encountered the opposite. There are a circle of woman in my life that are happy to help me, offer amazing advice, and also share their stories of triumph and failure.

Showing a little love to Libby during our photo shoot in Palm Beach.

Showing a little love to Libby during our photo shoot in Palm Beach.


I’m blessed that Libby is one of those ladies within my circle. We often meet up for coffee or lunch and have amazing brain storming sessions. We bounce ideas off of each other and she has given me wonderful tips with my own food photography for the blog.

Lifestyle Shoot For Cupcakes, Cocktails And Kids By Libby Volgyes of Libby Vision

I nearly collapsed with joy when she asked me to design her website and blog – for a photographer their website is the tool used to not only show their work but to book more clients. For her to trust me which that was beyond amazing and a real blessing.

She has photographed nearly all of my favorite eateries in Palm Beach County and beyond. Her photos capture the exuberant energy of the chef and the beauty and detail of the food they prepare. With each photo shoot I swear she gets better {and I get hungrier!}.

I’m so excited that Libby is lending her knowledge and experience in a wonderful Food Photography Workshop she’s put together. The hands on workshop will be held on May 31st in West Palm Beach and is catered to bloggers {like myself} that want to take their photos to the next level.

Click here for more details and to book your spot at the workshop >>

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