Kim Lian Kee Restaurant (金莲记)

49, Jalan Petaling
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur 50000
+60 3-2032 4984


  • Wow. How can these people increase the price of their food so drastically? The day before, my pan mee was RM6.50. Today, it's RM9. Daylight robbery.
  • Omg here is terrible..toufu not like toufu , taste like fishcake ..chicken doesn't taste like chicken..the most simple dish which is vege is also fail =.=
  • I'm surprised when I ordered Loh Mee & Hokkian Mee, small portion 7RM each can be eat by 2 persons, coz the portion is so big yeay
  • The hokkien mee and the sambal is simply delicious! Also, the dessert, black-rice pooridge was excellent!
  • :-D
  • Worst service ever, nuff said.
  • Hokkien Mee here is okay! Better than average but portion quite small.
  • The staff here not friendly.... Only do foreigner business darn it!!!
  • Service is terrible. Tea came after all the food came. Last dish came 1/2 hr after all the lat dish. :-(
  • Hokkien Mee is only nice at night. Lunch time it is very oily.
  • Hokkien Mee sucks
  • Try de skol beer here is value for money at Chinatown
  • Shitty service and attitude! Food wasn't even good
  • I ordered the mun yee mee and wan than soup...both sucks to the first and last visit.....
  • Hokkien mee just so so. Uptown damansara hokkien mee or sentul ah yap hokkien mee is better than this
  • Noodle is so so. They don't turn the air cond on even when asked. It's hot in here... Not coming back.
  • is not nice as last time aready..
  • The Cantonese fried is not bad, do give a try! Stay away from their BBQ pork rice, not specialty
  • Staff are rude. Especially the male waiter. Such an ass!

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