Juice Stop

Juice Bar
1716 S Marion Rd #1 (W 26th St)
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
(605) 362-6010



  • "bench press" that shit dog.
  • Have a wheat grass shot - it is the equivalent of 2lbs of vegetables!
  • Double dribble with metabolic blend is the perfect start to the day with shot of wheat grass on the side.
  • 4x8 is yummy!!
  • Take a wheat grass shot once you get used to them there not so bad!
  • Scissor kick or coaches choice!
  • Double dribble w/ extra coconut!! Amazing.
  • Try the "Spring Fever" it's made with, Strawberry Juice, Yogurt, Mangos, Strawberries, and Ice.And trust me it is DELICIOUS!!! MMM Yummy!!!
  • Vanilla chacha is amazing
  • Jab step is good for berry lovers
  • Love chocolate? Coaches Choice!!
  • Go for the Grand Slam, and get the Wellness Nutrient Blend added in to stay healthy!
  • America's Cup. Nom!!!
  • Come check out the new seasonal smoothies! First snow, field goal, and holly berry!
  • Jab Step with yogurt and orange juice ADDED not SUBSTITUTED :)
  • Had "Coaches Choice" with daily blend! Awesome choice for chocolate lovers!

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