Jogasaki Burrito Truck

Food Truck, Food, Burritos
Moving Target! (Greater LA Metro Area)
Los Angeles, CA


  • Track down this moving target to feast on your first ever Sushi Burrito. Yes...Sushi + Burrito.
  • Try the salmon ceviche. Expensive but delicious
  • For those on low carb, you can order the sushi burritos without rice!! Yes!!
  • They aren't kiddin about the homemade Thai chilli hot sauce.
  • Seafood lovers should try the Shrimp Fiesta and Lobster Burrito.
  • Just try the whole menu and pick your favorite. The sushi burritos are the bomb. I always go for the 3b with the lethal hot sauce on the side.
  • The owner is crazy, yo! Hahahaha
  • I am fan of the #1 Burrito. try it!
  • Basically a sushi roll that has not been cut. Great flavored. Totally hit the spot!
  • Get the Jogasaki 3A burrito. It's spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, and shrimp tempura. Yum!
  • I think it's been said, but try the salmon ceviche dish, refreshing!
  • The lobster burrito was amazing.
  • Congrats, you're at LA's best food truck. First time here? Get the Jogasaki #2A (if you ask for a tortilla, you're doing it wrong). Just a little crunch, lots of delicious tastiness.
  • #2- Spicy tuna, crab + shrimp tempura. Sushi burritos are basically the best idea in the world.
  • Spicy Tuna nachos are great! Don't let the Dorritos scare you away. :)
  • Yo's homemade hot sauce is a must have! Just try to avoid getting it on yo lips...
  • New mini sizes are perfect for the smaller appetite!
  • Their spicy homemade hot sauce is definitely worth .50! It's fiery, gingery and pungent!
  • Don't forget the spicy mayo and eel sauce!
  • I liked the shrimp tempura a lot! I've been munching on it for a few hours, it's like 3 meals for me.