Jekyll & Hyde Club

American, Bar, Sandwiches
$ $
1409 Avenue of the Americas (btw 57th and 58th)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 541-9517



  • Terrible food and service. Incredibly overpriced. The people who work there are fun and stuff, but it was totally overrated. I don't recommend it.
  • Awesome Haunted house restaurant!
  • Make sure you allow a lot of time between your reservation and your next activity... it's a lot more than just a restaurant, but the wait is worth it!
  • Awesome theme restaurant!!!*****
  • Also, talk to the head in the wall on the third floor.
  • Spooky fun! Get a drink on each floor and watch a horror show.
  • There will be a $2.95 "entertainment fee" added to every check. It's listed but not obvious and the server/bartender won't tell you about it.
  • Have a pint and watch the animatronic horror show.
  • Great, crazy atmosphere. The food is pretty good, and the show is completely cheesy and campy, but at the same time outstanding! I recommend it!
  • Slowest bar tenders known to mankind...
  • the food is very overpriced. but it is a great entertainment restaurant. should experience this place at least once. perfect around halloween time.
  • The food blows but my kids LOVE it. And they only take cash or Amex
  • Save your time. Get a hot dog from the vendor.
  • Be careful: no free refills...even on soda.
  • Very enjoyable spot to go to.
  • The theme is great the food is left to be desired..I think its great for kids between 8-12. They have a very fun menu for the kids and the characters never get out of character for a moment
  • This place sucked. Totally overpriced and not worth it at all. Don't waste your time.
  • Great atmosphere and staff. Really hilarious and fun. However this is completely overpriced. Watch out of entertainment fees!
  • Waited almost 2 hours for our meal. Was told the elevator went out and that it took that long because we ordered a burger well-done. When the food finally came, it was ALL cold. Don't bother.
  • Visit enchanting "Salad Alley"

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