It’s Whale Watching Season in Cabo San Lucas, Here Are the Best Tours in the Area

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It’s Whale Watching Season in Cabo San Lucas, Here Are the Best Tours in the Area

Winter is just around the corner and the chill in the air may have you thinking about booking a ticket to a warm, relaxing retreat. But those who love a little adventure in their seaside travels may want to book a trip to Cabo where whale watching season is just beginning. Whales are visible in the coastal waters from December to March as the mammals make their bi-annual 12,000-mile-migration down the Pacific coastline. They stay here until late March when they repeat their journey, heading back to the Arctic waters in the north for the summer.

“Los Cabos is a prime location for whale watching,” said Ruben Reachi, Los Cabos Tourism Board Managing Director. “Our region’s ideal climate, shallow waters, salinity and abundant marine life make it the perfect place for whales to birth and rear their young each year.” The region is known for being a hotspot for marine life and the waters surrounding the city are home to eight out of 11 of the world’s whale species. Here visitors can see Minke, Sei, Fin, Bryde whales and the more popular Blue, Gray and Humpback whales.

This season, most hotels and resorts in the area are offering special packages that include whale watching excursions and luxury accommodations for a fully-immersive experience. On the Whale Safari Experience at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, guests are helicoptered into San Ignacio to search for Humpback whales and Esperanza’s Whale’s Journey package includes accommodations for three nights and a two-hour Zodiac whale watching excursion. Hotel El Ganzo offers two- to four- night packages that include a kid-friendly encounter with whales, while the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Gold Resort gives guests a two-and-a-half hour exploratory tour. The four and five night packages at Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa, Playa Grande and Solmar Resort from Solmar Hotels & Resorts schedule visitors for specialty two-hour watches lead by marine mammal behavior experts for the most educational experience.

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