The Irish Leap Day Tradition That Single Women Should Know About...

From by Nicolle Monico
The Irish Leap Day Tradition That Single Women Should Know About...

Irish Legend has it that St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was asked by St. Brigid of Kildare (a fifth-century nun) if he’d give women permission to propose to men who might be too shy to do it otherwise. Initially he agreed on the condition that it was done only once every seven years. But St. Brigid pushed the matter and he acquiesced, allowing women to propose on Leap Day, every four years.

Brigid wasted no time following his decision and immediately proposed to St. Patrick (yeah, girl!) who ultimately declined. The folk tale goes on to say that he kissed her cheek and instead offered her a silk gown instead. The Irish tradition was thus created and stated that any man turning down a February 29 proposal must give the asker a silk gown.

ashford castle

Of course in 2016, anyone can propose to anyone, but this being a Leap Year, we loved the idea of having a day dedicated to women popping the question to their men. To celebrate this custom, the five-star Ashford Castle created a package for this once-every-four-years event. The offer includes a two-night stay, daily Irish breakfast, Champagne upon arrival, a spa treatment in the couples' suite, five-course dinner at George V, film screening of Leap Year in the castle’s cinema and your secret proposal presented on the big screen.

The package is available year-round, with different months priced at various rates ranging from around USD $1,387 per person to approx. USD $1,944.