ICE Goes International: TEDxWarsaw

ICE Goes International: TEDxWarsaw
From, by Institute of Culinary Education


By James Briscione—Director of Culinary Development


An invitation to speak at a TED event has always been a secret dream of mine. No fame or fortune comes with being a speaker at these local conferences, but to receive an email, out of the blue, to present at TEDxWarsaw was one of those moments that made my heart skip a beat. It felt like getting an invite to sit at the cool kids table, because someone, somewhere, thought that I had an “idea worth spreading.”

James Briscione - TEDxWarsaw - Secret Patterns of Flavor

In particular, when that idea is something you have been crafting, developing and refining for years, that invitation can be the ultimate validation. Of course, as soon as I accepted, the panic and nerves set in. I had one shot—15 minutes—to explain something that took me the better part of four years to figure out. On top of that, I would be halfway across the world, presenting to hundreds of people from different backgrounds and industries. Intimidating, to say the least.


Before I even begin to dive into my talk, I want to share some experiences about where I spoke, because Warsaw is probably more interesting in and of itself than any of the talks presented at TED. Beautiful, fascinating, confusing—it’s a city whose history is as incredible as it is sad. I also learned that Warsaw has a thriving food culture that matches the city's blend of the past and the present. 


Read on to discover the flavors of Warsaw—and listen to James' TEDx talk.