I ♥ Taimei 我爱台妹

Food Truck, Asian, Fast Food
#B1-K11a, Bugis Junction (200 Victoria St)
Singapore, 188021
+65 6336 5987


  • Wintermelon tea w/white pearl dun taste special +pearl was so hard. @@.
  • Try caramel or grass jelly milk tea ! It's nice (;
  • Esp..the selina combo da ji pai damn shiok
  • Staff keep talking, I'm waiting my bubble tea & sour plum sweet potato. Can u be faster???
  • Love the Spicy Mexican Fries! :) Service is quite slow though.
  • they got nice bubble tea..:))
  • Honey green tea sucks
  • All time favorite: Lemon Ice Tea(;
  • Love their sweet potato fries. Super Caramel milk tea is so so.
  • Must try the lemon crispy chicken!
  • Must try Seaweed Tofu Fries & Green Milk Tea with White pearls!
  • Try the Sour plum sweet potatoes, upzxzxzxz.
  • Selina chicken! Cheese tofu fries! Yum yum everytime!
  • Try the seaweed toufu!
  • The Milk Tea is good, the pearl is nice... The best is the sour plum sweet potato and the chicken skin...
  • Tofu fries here was super salty; do not buy from here.
  • Nice!!! Must try the combo selina,hebe and Ella... You will it
  • Very slow service.. Food betta be gd..
  • Honey Lemon is nice and refreshing. Just about the right sweetness

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