Huntington Dog Beach

Row 1

100 Goldenwest St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 841-8644

Foursquare Tips

  • Dont forget to clean up after your dog so the poo doesnt wash out into the ocean!
  • Be prepared for lots of pups having fun - let 'em run!
  • Great place to take your dog to play!
  • Please help pick up, even if it wasn't your dog. Help keep dog beach open for all to enjoy.
  • Great day for this!
  • Bring toys and water.
  • Be courteous and pick up your dogs poop! And leash your dog near the highway.
  • Actually the sign says "must be on leash" so watch out. Most people have their animals off leash.
  • Amazing spot to be with your animal and many others. Pick up droppings and help us keep this place wonderful for all. Our fur people count on us for this.
  • To the lady that got mad at my dog: please do not come here and think you can lay out w out dogs coming up to say hi. go to a diff beach bitch
  • Best dog beach in the world!
  • LOVE taking our two dogs here! But please, if your pup is rambunctious, keep an eye on them if they're off-leash! It's not cool to have someone else's dog running all over your stuff.
  • Park on the side streets off golden west so you don't have to pay a meter. It won't hurt you or your dog to walk a little bit!
  • Dear dog owners: if you're going to be rude enough to leave your dog's poo on the beach, please do not leave it in a plastic bag. This stops the poo from biodegrading. Love, The Environment
  • Bring some water and a water bowl. Lots of dogs having a blast. Perfect for dog owners to enjoy a day at the beach, too!
  • Always bring more than 1 poop bag, doesn't hurt to be prepared! My husky loves it here!
  • Most of the dogs here are nice. Never seen any fight!
  • Beautiful dog-friendly beach for you and your four-legged friend to enjoy.
  • Pick up after your dog!!!!
  • My wiener dog Reese's Pieces LOVES this place :)