How to Peel Boiled Eggs

Tips for peeling boiled eggs from the famous French cooking school, LaVarenne
How to Peel Boiled Eggs

It can be easier to peel boiled eggs if you crack the shell into several small pieces.

Hard-boiled and mollet eggs — boiled eggs with firm-cooked whites and soft or runny yolks — are sometimes hard to peel, depending on the freshness of the egg. In very fresh eggs, the outer membrane tends to cling to the egg white, making the egg harder to peel, so be sure to use eggs you’ve had for a few days (though never use expired eggs). Plunging the eggs into cold water as soon as they are cooked helps loosen the shell, as does peeling them under cold running water.

Anne Willan’s LaVarenne Pratique — an essential culinary reference book for both novice and expert cooks, shares these tips for peeling boiled eggs.

To peel a boiled egg, tap the egg all over to crack the shell in small pieces.

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Then, under running water, peel away skin and shell from the egg white. Dry the egg with absorbent paper. If you’re peeling an egg with a soft or runny yolk, be sure to handle the egg with extra care.

For recipes and more tips and techniques, visit LaVarenne’s website or buy a digital copy of LaVarenne Pratique.

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