How to Make Mashed Potatoes

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How to Make Mashed Potatoes

Step 1
Cutting Potatoes

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Start a pot of boiling water. Cut potatoes into smaller pieces, leaving the skin on.

Step 2
Boiling Potatoes

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Boil potatoes until tender. The boiling time will vary depending on the size of the potato chunks and the type of pot you use, so just test them every five minutes or so. When they’ve cooked, drain the water, and return potatoes to the pot.

Step 3
Mashing Potatoes

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This is where it starts to get fun. Mash the potatoes using a fork. Go ahead and imagine that awful TA’s face in there — mash away. If you’re someone who favors lumpy potatoes, don’t be too aggressive with your mashing.

Step 5
Mashed Potatoes

Photo by Bernard Wen

Add butter, milk and salt. The amount is really up to you here, so start with a about a tablespoon of each and taste as you go. Don’t be afraid to add salt and butter liberally; the potatoes will soak up those flavors quickly. It might seem like you’re putting a whole container of salt in there, but trust your taste buds. The milk is more for texture than flavor, so if you like creamier potatoes add more, and if you like stickier ones, hold back.

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