Houhai Lake (后海)

Lake, Pedestrian Street/Plaza, Park
北京市, 北京市 100000


  • a great place to hangout. plenty of restaurants and bars. do not worry if someone approaches you trying to bring u to their bars. they just wanna do business.
  • Precioso lago en una de las zonas ms tradicionales de China. Ni se te ocurra marcharte sin haberte tomado una cerveza en la calle Shishahai, con el lago en el horizonte...
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  • almost the most lovely place in all Beijing. Get off from taxi at Lotus Market, walk around the lake clockwise.. countless restaurants and bars, many live music performances
  • Nice place to visit early in the evening. At night it can get very crowded.
  • Sanki egede bir sahil kasabas barlar ve deniz..
  • Very nice old style village scene at night, a must place to visit in Beijing!
  • Rent a 2-3 place bike depending in how many you are. 10 kuai per person, then take a chilly beer in a causy bar around the lake
  • It's a great place,there is a beautiful lake,and so many pub,it makes people ease at all
  • There are popular bars along the Houhai Bar Street, beautiful scenery from the lakes and lots of old Beijing snacks. What Beijing looks like.
  • The perfect historical pkace that is virgin and nice
  • Good for a scenic walk
  • Crowded with tourists during daytime and totally weird at night. Always fun though and an essential part of Beijing.
  • The hutong neighborhood around Houhai has become known for its nightlife along the lake shore filled with new restaurants, bars, and cafes.
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  • Dj, avec sa pagode, le lac est beau, ensuite, c'est un lieu de vie pkinoise. Mais en hiver, a devient carrment foufou, avec cte cte les patineurs et ceux qui viennent prendre un bain glac!
  • Great place for drinking at night

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