Hershey's Market

Grocery Store
200 Marine Ave
Newport Beach, CA 92662


  • Great place to get a delish Peerless drip coffee and a homemade breakfast burrito, all for only $3. So when you see Starbucks, keep walking and head over to this great old school market.
  • Great sandwiches & try the Gelatto, it's made fresh every day!
  • Best coffee in town. Sorry Starbucks.
  • Best salad is the sanoma chicken salad
  • Best Deli serivce ever...love the Sanoma Chicken salad, and the best sandwiches ever.
  • Best sandwich is the Foghorn!
  • Check out the Rob's Really Good demo between 2-6 p.m. & enjoy some free samples
  • Great place for bottled sodas! #pdr

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228 Marine Ave (Balboa Ave)
Newport Beach, CA 92660