Haunted Mansion

Theme Park
1313 Disneyland Dr (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 781-4565


  • see it while it features Nightmare Before Christmas! say hi to Sandy Claws!
  • Make sure to look up when the lights go out
  • In the scene where the ballroom is at, look on the dinning room table, one of the plate sets is shaped into a hidden Mickey!
  • Look for the hidden Mickey on the grandfather clock.
  • This ride is safe for pregnant women and men
  • Be sure to go and see my Uncle, Thurl Ravenscroft in the attraction. He's one of the singing busts in the graveyard!
  • after the room stretches and you see the body hanging, howl like chewbacca while running towards the exit.
  • Avoid during haunted mansion holiday. It sucks.
  • Recite the spield doing the stretching room. All the cool kids do it.
  • The reason why the ghosts seem to fade in and out at the beginning of the attraction is because we are alive. After we "fall" out of the attic, we're "dead" which is why we can see them clearly.
  • Look for the Plate and Teacup combo hidden Mickey on the ballroom banquet table, near the birthday girl.
  • Every year for Haunted Mansion Holiday they make a different REAL gingerbread house. Early on in the Halloweentime season, you can still smell the fresh gingerbread when you enter the dining room
  • Opened in 1969, this was one of Walt's favorite creations, though he never saw it completed. This Haunted Mansion has nine-hundred, ninety nine happy haunts, but there's always room for a thousand.
  • Look for all of the Vampire Teddies!!
  • There are ravens in each scene. Originally they were supposed to narrate the attraction, but eventually the idea was replaced with the ghost host in the doombuggies.
  • In the ballroom sequence, look closely and you can see a spider and web. Decades ago, a kid shot a bb at the glass. It's too expensive and labor intensive to replace, so the imagineers covered it!
  • Three to a buggy does not mean three adults... unless you are all VERY friendly.
  • Best during Halloween and Christmas!
  • Keep an eye open for extra hidden Mickeys during the holiday season!
  • Every Halloween the mansion features a new completely edible ginger bread house on the table in the main dinning room. Make sure you spot it. The cast eats it after the holidays!.

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