Han City Fashion & Accessories Plaza (Fake Market)

Flea Market
南京西路580号 | 580 Nanjing W. Rd. (N Chengdu Rd)
上海市, 上海市 200041


  • The salespeople on Level One are an all-star cast of the most despicable people in China. Hold your breath, look straight ahead and don't start considering a purchase until Level Three.
  • Looking for fake bags with good quality? Go to Chloe on F3, to the right as you exit the escalator. Only real leather, bit more expensive but so worth it. No bargaining, prices between 5-900.
  • 1000 yuandan kapi acarlar 50 yuana alirsin enterasan bir pazarlik payi bu millette mantik olmadigi icin yadirgamioruz artik bide turkce biliolar merhaba arkadas falanlarrr fenaaa bisiler :)
  • Haggle on everything! Don't pay more than 20% of the original price.
  • Get a tazer 3rd floor best 70 investment ever.
  • U should ask them their last price and left that store then go to another shop and start with half of the last price ;) even at that time they r cheating u :D
  • Start your negotiation below 50% of their original offer. If you walk away and they come after you again you could have gotten the item cheaper. They never get offended. Lol
  • Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! The good price will be around 10% of the quotation.
  • Never buy electronics, memory cards, or anything you expect a half life of 6 months on.
  • Well below expectations. Very poor quality items & not the cheapest place!
  • Shanghai science and technology museum is another option.. Metro line no. 2
  • Sylenen fiyatn 1/10 orannda satnalnacak mekan... Pazarlk etmeden p bile alnmaz... 1000RMB diyen satcdan 100RMB alnca sevinme... Bedava almadkta burda ucuza aldm denilmez...
  • Good pricesand a lot of options!! Be carefull , because the attendents will follow you until you buy.But its funny!!!
  • Haggle haggle haggle!
  • west nanjing road and north maoming road Qin salon
  • Good place to practice your bargain skills
  • Negocie dividindo por 4 o preo inicial pedido.
  • Real prices 7 times cheaper.
  • Bargain and be nice. You will get all you want at the price you want
  • The walking away method works withour fail in every store

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