Ginnie Springs

Campground, Lake, River
5000 NE 60th Ave
High Springs, FL 32643



  • Big frat parties are fun and my nine year old enjoyed it with his friends too. No problems here. Will definitely return.
  • you should defiantly go tubing
  • Not a family friendly park. Skanls up till 4+am noisy basterds
  • Go to Ginnie Springs during the summer for some crazy party nights/days! Also, make sure to rent some tubes and float down the river!
  • This place is just one big frat party. If you want peace and sleep at night, camp somewhere else.
  • Its amazing! Be sure to bring a mask and snorkel to see underwater! Beautiful springs!
  • The tubing is fun, but the amount of drunks on the river leaves a lot to be desired. Beautiful place, just not family/kids friendly. The staff is very nice as well.
  • Wathc out for the drunk yahoos
  • Bring some ear plugs. The kids are super noisy.
  • The river is the best
  • This place is so fun and is such a party zone.
  • Free flowing drugs and alcohol. Used to be a good place to go. Spring hasn't changed.
  • Beautiful place....gonna come back pretty soon :)
  • Even though I broke my finger here the last time I was here... I still give this place 2 thumbs up !! (P.S. that rope swing is dangerous)
  • Camping, tubing, diving, partying, floating in the many springs, drinking, and fun!
  • Great diving, very enjoyable to do a night cavern dive
  • Great day on the river, food at the deli was delicious. Good times.
  • Awesome campsite! Bathrooms are relatively clean and there are so many pits to have a bonfire!
  • Enjoy the outdoors and rent a kayak for 2 hours- only 10 dollars!
  • Annual Peep War on the Santa Fe River are in mid-July.