Giant Dipper Rollercoaster

Theme Park
3146 Mission Blvd (at Belmont Park)
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-1549


  • Need an abortion? Ride this coaster
  • The 2,600 ft. long coaster was built in 1925 in less than two months. It closed in 1976. The "Save the Coaster Committee" had it designated a National Landmark in 1987 and it reopened in 1990.
  • The best seat is the back, not the front
  • A Kickass ride..I highly recommend to ride it over n it!! Just sayin
  • Great time if you want to experience shaken baby syndrome. My brain still hurts!
  • totally worth the $6. better at night!
  • Have some headache relief on-hand--this vintage coaster is a little jerky but a ton of fun!
  • Don't go on it if you have eaten recently, bad idea...
  • Don't stand up!
  • Can't miss this SD landmark. Walk around the Dipper and take some good pics.
  • The felling u get when ur going down
  • It was amazing and the joy u can have fun on it so yea it was great
  • Didn't find the coaster all that rough or thrilling. I'm a coaster counter though, and knocked another one off my list.
  • Hurts your butt like no other but it's a fun rollercoaster to go on once in a while
  • Ride in the front!
  • A national landmark, it's the coaster is a fantastic picture spot just a block from Mission Beach.
  • Originally the idea of John D. Spreckels, the original coaster was built by a crew of 100 to 150 people in two weeks
  • Go at night, and if you can time it with sea world fireworks you are a god!
  • Great classic coaster. A little jerky. Check out our podcast: Coaster Geeks on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others.
  • The oceanview!!! :)

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