Gefionspringvandet (Gefion Fountain) (Gefionspringvandet)

Fountain, Landmark
København K, Region Hovedstaden 1263


  • Copenhagens most spectacular fountain in beautiful surroundings near the old fortress, Kastellet
  • A bit hidden from the other sights in the city, but worth visiting when strolling around the area
  • 100x more impressive than the ever-popular Little Mermaid statue down the block. gushing fountains and incredible cravings!
  • An impressive fountain with plenty of myth and stories. Unfortunately the municipality have turned the water pressure down
  • The water goes out of the bull's nostrils giving the fountain soul. This fountain is awesome and a must see.
  • Unbelievable... lovely...
  • Its Gorgeous!
  • There is apparently only in summer with water
  • Spectacular. Make a wish, throw a foreign coin in the fountain and move on.
  • Most epic fountain dedicated to ploughing, probably ever.
  • Beautiful fountain lovely clear water
  • Honestly, this fountain/sculpture is way mightier and cooler (and a lot less crowded) than the Little Mermaid, and just a stone's throw from there.
  • I love this statue. Much more interesting then the little mermaid
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  • A very nice area for morning run. You can catch the sunrise here too!
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  • Nice fountain, worth to see.
  • It's a magnificent fountain. The fountain represents the the creation of the island of Zealand. It's very close to the Little Mermaid statue. Don't miss it.
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  • Badass statue and love the Nordic mythology behind it all.