GB Fish & Chips

$ $ $
2175 Sheridan Blvd
Edgewater, CO 80214
(303) 232-2128


  • Love the fish and shrimp. But best is the employees. Very friendly. Great customer service
  • Fried twinkles....
  • Do not order the oysters!! Gross! Cod is very good.
  • If you have a child with you order the full order and split it. It's cheaper then getting them a kids meal. And you get more fish.
  • Simple. You like fish and chips? You'll like GB Fish & Chips. COD OMF FTW!
  • GB has the cleanest cod I've ever had in colorado. Absolutely delicious!
  • This place is seriously amazing. The customer seriously was fantastic, the food phenomenal. Even gave me and extra fish since some looked small!
  • Meh. The batter isn't great and the chips don't really taste of anything. Great views though and a fun plaice (get it?). Will be back. Just won't rush back.
  • Can't beat a 75 pbr during happy hour!
  • Get dat combo
  • Tilapia Tuesday's
  • Have Brianna wait on you she uber nice!
  • The best ever!!!
  • Don't bother asking for ranch dressing with your fried pickles, they are the only restaurant in America that doesn't have it...
  • $1 tilapia Tuesdays are a wonderful idea!
  • Decent British fanfare. Best part is the metric bike club that meets once a month.
  • Don't waist your money on this crappy food..
  • Cute toddler playground in the patio!
  • Love the Cod.. Hate the wait.. NEVER get my extra tartar sauce and they say it is in the bag every time...
  • They're stingy in the tartar sauce, just buy the cup for $1. It's worth it.

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