The Gateway Megaplex 12

Row 1

165 S Rio Grande St
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 325-7500

Foursquare Tips

  • If people continue to talk, don't be afraid to tell them to shut the hell up!
  • Seats are super squeaky.
  • Bring your own 3D glasses. The ones they issue are used and cause blurred vision
  • Ordering ONE churro = awkward 10 minute wait.
  • They charge a "convenience" fee to buy your tickets online with no human interaction. Buy them in house, avoid the fee and feed a mouth.
  • Be prepared for assigned seating, even if you're only 1 of 4 people in the theatre.
  • Order your tickets and concessions from a kiosk so your junk food is ready right as you walk in.
  • Make some mischief ;)
  • What's the deal with the reserved seating? I get it for packed movies, but not in barely filled movies. This is ridiculous!!!
  • Love the popcorn :) although the seats seem smaller than other theaters
  • Order your concessions from the kiosk instead of waiting in line. Lines are for suckers!
  • Comfy chairs! Came here on a Friday and it was dead.
  • Comfortable seats, not fully reclinable. Reserved stadium seating.
  • Epic seats and drinks
  • Validate your parking ticket when you get your movie tickets for $1. Excellent popcorn of course. Oh, and Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
  • Great theaters, reserved seating and prime proximity to downtown night life.
  • The seats are better than my couch!
  • Small seats and no coke zero in the fountains...
  • Matinee prices all day Monday if you have an American First Credit Union card.
  • Get your parking validated.