Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars

From by Jamie
Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars

Funfetti Sugar Coookie Bars are exactly the dessert you want to make for a crowd. Totally impressive!

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars will make you happy. SO happy. You know, because sprinkles!

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars are one of those desserts that make their appearance over and over again in my kitchen. They’re pretty darn tasty, but they also feed a crowd, which makes them a perfect dessert for parties and potlucks. And if you haven’t noticed, Funfetti is pretty awesome, especially in the form of Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes!

You can jazz Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars up by cutting them into shapes like triangles, circles and sticks, or traditional squares. And they are totally adaptable; just add in a little spice or citrus zest and top them with a flavored buttercream and you can create a sweet and seasonal dessert that everyone will be raving about.


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