Fresh Pond Reservation

Lake, Dog Run, Park
250 Fresh Pond Pkwy (Huron Avenue)
Cambridge, MA 02138


  • For people that dont live in Cambridge and need to park, buy a $0.79 cent bottle of water at Whole Foods and use their parking lot. Take that parking stingy Cambridgians!
  • Absolutely beautiful walk around a quiet lake, especially at sunset!
  • Great place to run especially on hot summer days. There're 2 water fountains and plenty of shade. The only downside is that the dogs can be very "excited" sometimes.
  • today is great for a walk. the flowers are blooming enough for aromatherapy along the way. the mud is drying, so you can walk on the dirt again.
  • 2.25 miles around the outside loop. 2.5 miles if you add a loop around Kingley Park (ie the inside loop).
  • Dogs off leash!
  • Great place to stroll, too bad you can't come close to water.. It's city's protected fresh water reserve
  • Beautiful place to walk. An oasis in cambridge.
  • Lovely park with some cool benches and meadows.
  • Great place to relax and walk enjoying a nice view. Extremely dog friendly!
  • Say "Hi" to Ranger Jean.
  • It's rainy now but it still run-able
  • very busy on nice weather weekends. best times to go are weekdays and mornings, or when the weather sucks put on your cold gear and enjoy the silence.
  • With or without yer dog.
  • Get to the pond on a sunny day with a friend, your dog, your bike, or by yourself, and take a walk/run/ride around the 3 mile oasis. Then end your trip with a picnic overlooking the park!
  • The lupines and daisies are in full bloom.
  • Be careful where you walk, it can get busy here. Still had a great time walking here. Check out the link for more.
  • 2.25 miles around, include the run to, and it's a great loop
  • Dog splash park, scenery and 2 mile loop.

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