Food Truck Takes Burger Bash Prize

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Food Truck Takes Burger Bash Prize

The Jersey Dawg food truck can be found most day at the corner of Powerline & Cypress in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. But now, inside you’ll likely find the shiny trophy the truck’s owners won on Feb. 26 at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Rob Goodman and his team came away with the Schweid & Sons Very Best Burger Award, given to its Classic Slider, described as “butcher-ground fresh beef cooked on a bed of steamed onions and served on a Martins potato bun.”

The recipe for the winning burger (below) can be found here on Schweid & Sons website.

Jersey Dawg Slider

The event always has been about celebrating Food Network as much as burgers, which explains the presence, if not the victory, of Food Network Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. He was given the People’s Choice Award for his Menchi Katsu Burger, which FN Dish describes as a “crispy-on-the-outside patty breaded a la the traditional Japanese katsu style and fried until golden.” To my knowledge, none of his restaurants menus a burger.

That’s not true of Red Robin’s Best of the Bash Award, which went to Kathy Sidell and David Daniels of The Met Back Bay in Boston. Their restaurant even has a Burger Bar at lunch. A version of their winning The Jacques Burger is likely to bee featured this fall on Red Robin’s upscale Finest burgers menu. The build: premium blended beef, crispy potatoes, applewood-smoked bacon, frizzled shallots, Swiss cheese and Parmesan truffle sauce.


“McPick 2 for $2” is gone after a brief tryout but starting today McDonald’s offers something different but similar and more profitable for its operators. The “McPick 2 for $5” is positioned by the company as a first, i.e. the first time four of its “most iconic” menu items are together on one national value menu. Don’t get too excited: This, too, is a limited-time offer.

Those four icons are a 10-piece serving of Chicken McNuggets, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

McD_McPick 2 for 5

“We wanted to thank our guests for providing their feedback as we continue to build a better McDonald’s,” Jessica Foust, McDonald’s director of culinary innovation, said in a release announcing the promotion. “Offering All Day Breakfast, refreshing classics like the Egg McMuffin and furthering our sustainability efforts are all examples of us listening to our guests. As a thank you and as proof that we will continue to listen, we are making our most iconic menu items available for a limited time at never before seen value.”


An update. Last May reported that Charlotte, N.C.-based Chanticleer Holdings was likely to buy Portland, Ore.-based, eight-store burger chain Little Big Burger, which it did last September. Not much had been heard from Chanticleer—which also operates American Burger Co. and BGR the Burger Joint—until now. The company says it has signed a letter of intent with a financial partner to open up to 10 Little Big Burger stores in the Seattle area. It’s a brand to keep an eye on.