The Flying Pig Truck

Food Truck, Korean
Los Angeles, CA


  • Duck taco. Yummers!!
  • pork belly bun / spicy pork taco
  • order the tamarind duck taco
  • When the Kogi line is too long.
  • Despite the name, this truck offers more than just pork based items (like smoked chicken tacos with green curry) and crab balls. Mmmmm
  • The peanut butter pork burrito is tasty if you are a fan of peanut butter... and pork... and burritos.
  • I caught the truck in downtown Santa Monica and I must say the pork/beef sliders are ridiculously good!
  • Ohdearlord. Tamarind duck tacos. $2.50 for a taco. They are small and delicious! Also they have pork belly buns.
  • Great menu of different pork-inspired dishes on this truck.
  • The spicy pork, pork belly, and sliders are to die for! Best food truck for sure!
  • Way better than most trucks out there! Spicy pork and duck taco are definitely worth the wait! I think they're opening a cafe in little tokyo in April.
  • Tamarind duck taco is a must try
  • So tasty. Try it. Follow the Tweets. Love it!!
  • Crunchy Tofu Bun is one of the best Veggie options in the street food scene.
  • Eat tofu tacos with kimchi!