Fitzgerald Theater

Theater, Concert Hall
10 Exchange St E
Saint Paul, MN 55101
(651) 290-1200


  • Surly or PBR for $6, your choice! Make the right call.
  • If it is a sold out event, use the bathroom before intermission. 5 stalls in the women's restroom=longest bathroom line I've ever seen at a theater.
  • We are excited to sponsor Wits! Try a Big Ginger for $6 and tweet us what you think of it! @2GingersWhiskey #BigGinger #Wits
  • Love this NPR theater.
  • Be sure to take a close look at the shadow boxes in the hall outside the main floor seating area. They creatively illustrate some of the history of the Fitzgerald Theater.
  • Beautiful space for a show. You can feel transported in time.
  • This is I nice historic venue. MPR holds events here, including Films at the Fitz.
  • Prairie home companion was amazing!
  • Wits is a MUST see show. Great to listen to it on MPR...but even better seeing it at its home venue!
  • First time here. Very cool/hip for an older place. Comparible to State Theater. Acoustics are great for the opener. Can't wait to hear how they bring out Lissie's voice
  • This place is beautiful and the seats are super comfy :)
  • Phenomenon of a wonderful band, and the great grandchildren of Captain and Maria Von Trap!
  • Wow, Rodriguez is terrible. See the documentary but the show is awful. Oh well.
  • No coat check :(
  • Learn where the bathroom is before you get too drunk!
  • on 11/16/11 w/John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats
  • Locate your bathroom options before you sit down so you can beat the inevitable ladies line, this tip also applies to those who pee standing up. (No eye contact please)

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