Fallacy review

Fallacy review

Here is a review of The Fallacy of The Calorie from NetGalley that was so spot on I wanted to share it with you. If you have not gotten your copy; order now from Amazon or at Cardiocef.com

Lore Nowlin (Reviewer) :

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Full Text: This was a fascinating book about how the government recommendations are consistently wrong because it doesn’t address the problem is that the entire highly processed Western Diet is the problem.

Salt isn’t the problem. It is the French fries that are the issue. Fat isn’t the problem; it is the battered deep fried onion blossom and tempura vegetables. Meat and dairy isn’t the problem; it is corn and antibiotic fed animals. Grains aren’t the problem; it is the processing that strips any nutrition from the grain.

When the government recommends reducing sugars; we immediately replace it with artificial sweeteners. We don’t need to eat diet pop and jello, when there are natural alternatives like tea sweetened with honey or just eat a piece of fruit.

He compares societies that still eat the traditional foods, and shows the health problems when these people abandon their food for the Western Diet.

Over the last 200 years, we have strayed so far from the healthy diet that nourished our ancestors. If people got past childhood diseases, accidents, and childbirth; they lived long lives and died of old age, rather than cancer, strokes, and heart attacks.

Dr. Fenster presents this valuable information in a humorous and easy to read book. Everything medical is explained in a manner, that those of us without medical degrees, can understand.

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