Erzsébet tér

Park, Plaza, Playground
Erzsébet tér
Budapest, Budapest 1053


  • Pete'de gece gelinebilecek en gzel yer. Eline arab-biray-kolay kapan havuz kenarna geliyor. steyen yandaki kafelere gidiyor. Tam enlik.
  • MJ memorial tree, skater's park, Aquarium club (ex-Gdr)... Nice place.
  • Get a glass of hungarian fine wine and drink it on the Bazilika steps staring at the beutiful young crowd around... Priceless !
  • look for the M.J. memorial tree!
  • The heart of Budapest - and a favorite for students and young people. Check out Akvrium Klub, Design Terminal, Frccsterasz. Popular venue for summer festivals and weekend markets.
  • Nyron kellemes, j id, tlen kicsit hvs.
  • Great place even during winter. Budapest is best experienced in my opinion during January... Where there are minimal tourists. You could see how the locals live in the gorgeous city of Budapest.
  • Este parque se sale, un buen lugar para pasear por el centro de Budapest
  • so many wannabe hipster, but the girls are so fine
  • lay on the grass and watch the dogs and skaters
  • In summer time, you may ride a Ferris wheel !
  • This spot is not so much about the classic picnic but It's a place where you can make friends and listen to the impromptu jam sessions. There are plenty of shops if you're running low on supplies.
  • Get drinks, grab a bunch of friends and go sit on the green grass. No friends? No problem, you can always meet new people here from various places around the world.
  • Patknyok mindentt!!! Rats everywhere!!!
  • love this place
  • Don't miss the krtskalcs (Hungarian pastry) at the far end of the plaza, following the Bubi rentals.
  • Great for a beer on the grass, it feels like a hippie 60s place, really loved it here
  • . . .
  • Grab a drink from a store and enjoy the evening in this crowded park

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