How to Eat Like the Victoria’s Secret Angels

Not every Angel lives off steamed kale: Learn what the models really eat in the lead up to the Victoria’s Secret show
Victoria Secret

It would be easy to assume that the Victoria’s Secret Angels really don’t eat anything. To look like that in such little clothing, surely they follow a strict diet of celery, water, and maybe a cold-pressed green juice as a special treat. And that’s on top of endless workouts, and, of course, being born with amazing genes. At least that’s what we tell ourselves whenever we see another photo of these tall, slender, minimally dressed models. However, that’s not necessarily the truth. While some of the Angels do subsist solely on chicken breasts and steamed greens, others swear that they keep themselves sane by eating a burger every other day. There seems to be no “one size fits all” Victoria’s Secret diet.

How to Eat Like the Victoria’s Secret Angels (Slideshow)

Look at any of these Victoria’s Secret models’ Instagram pages, and you’ll be greeted with sweaty selfies, catwalk shots, behind the scene photos, and a whole load of #squadgoals. You may for a moment be tempted to hit the gym, pick yourself up a superfood smoothie, and eat broccoli for dinner, but you’ll soon realize that this diet leaves you energy-less, unproductive, and still doesn’t make you friends with Cara Delevingne. It’s the job of these women to have those bodies, and they work had to get them — harder than we recommend you even try.


Their exercise routines are intense, and regimented: Their focus is solely on getting defined abs, thighs, and glutes, and not on getting stronger, faster, or fitter. This type of life, of minimal eating and maximal exercising isn’t something many people can really contemplate, consider, or even attempt. The Angels’ nutritionists and trainers top tips make us think that the life of these models must be utterly miserable: They recommend swapping wine for tequila and soda, never indulging in a cheat meal, and cutting out sugar from your life completely. But if your life goal is to strut down a catwalk in next-to-no clothing, then this kind of lifestyle may be necessary. However, not all the Victoria’s Secret Angels are on a permanent diet for some of them scoops of cookie dough and juicy hamburgers also make regular appearances. Just don’t tell your nutritionist about it.